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Ecodesign Challenge: BOAST YOUR TOAST! Reinvent the toaster - Meet the winners!

By Sustainable Minds on August 11, 2020

Recorded Tue, Aug 11, 11–12pm ET

Sustainable Minds and the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) created an ecodesign challenge for its inaugural Sustainability Deep Dive Conference (June, 2020) to engage the industry in an opportunity for hands-on learning. SM provided our Eco-concept + LCA Software along with a well-defined design process and ambitious submission requirements.
There were 52 entries. The results will amaze you!

Meet the winners

  • 1 – Mary Friedl, Mammotome
  • 2 – Jeswin P George, Studio ABD
  • 3 – Shane Chen, Shih-Hsuan Huang, Hsuan2 Studio

Along with the organizers

  • Stephan Clambaneva, IDSA Exec Board, Co-emcee Sustainability Deep Dive conference
  • Shruti Parikh, Associate Partner, Desmania Design
  • Manuela Toro, LCA Analyst, Sustainable Minds
  • Terry Swack, CEO, Sustainable Minds


  • Who these winners are, what inspired and informed their process and key learnings they're taking into the future
  • The challenges of the judging process, what criteria were used and how they were applied
  • How to use SM Eco-concept + LCA Software in early stage design to make informed trade-off decisions
  • How MFRs and design firms can use this process for any type of product to drive greener innovation
  • IDSA's commitment to sustainability in professional practice

SM IDSA Ecodesign Challenge Winners

About the Challenge

Sustainable Minds and IDSA invite you to reimagine the toaster to differentiate and position an existing kitchen appliance manufacturer, or a new company that you imagine, as a leader in high-performance home appliances with environmental performance’ as a key component of the story.

To do this, we’re providing you with a proven process and tools to generate innovative design concepts and measure the environmental performance of each to identify the best solutions. By participating in this challenge, you’ll learn how to consistently integrate life cycle thinking and environmental performance improvement into your (and your company’s) design processes.
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Shruti Parikh and Terry Swack share more about how to use the software and the many benefits of making improved environmental performance a key aspect of one's design success story.
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How the GrabCAD and IDSA Challenge Help Train You for a Future in Environmental Performance Design
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