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New in Sustainable Minds Release 1.1

By Sustainable Minds on December 16, 2009

Following on the heels of Release 1.0, we've made it easier for more people to find out, learn about and subscribe to Sustainable Minds. In this release:

  • Educator and student subscriptions
  • Affiliate referral program
  • Software enhancements

Educator and student subscriptions
As part of the Designers Accord community, and as 'Summit Sponsor' of the Global Summit on Design Education & Sustainability, we are committed to helping educators create undergraduate, graduate and professional development curriculum to integrate environmental sustainability into design, engineering and business programs.

To help move this forward, educators and students can now purchase subscriptions online - at educator and student-friendly pricing:

  • $350 Educator or lab computer annual subscription
  • $40 Student per-semester subscription

Get started learning, using and teaching the principles of ecodesign and life cycle assessment (LCA) to design greener products. Integrate LCA into your business, engineering and design curriculum. Learn more about how educators are starting to use Sustainable Minds:

Interested in the Designers Accord Summit? Experience it through Andrea Mangini's day by day recap and review: "Reflections on the Designers Accord Summit on Design Education & Sustainability". Read >

Note: Educators attend our workshops for free. The next workshop is January 26th. Learn more >

Affiliate referral program
Partner with us! As a Sustainable Minds affiliate, you can now send your customers and clients to Sustainable Minds and get credit for spreading the word. Any kind of company or organization can become an affiliate: consultancies referring Sustainable Minds to their clients; manufacturers referring us to their external design and engineering resources; non-profits and NGOs referring us to companies committed to designing greener products.

Interested in becoming a Sustainable Minds affiliate? Contact us >

Software enhancements

  • Dramatically increased speed on BOM data import: now it's even faster to import BOM data from CAD and PLM products
  • Improved compatibility with IE 6: For those of you in corporations that still use Internet Explorer 6, SM LCA software is now more compatible with your browser.

Next release, watch for printable results views!