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Sustainable Minds release 1.0 is live!

By Terry Swack on October 28, 2009

It's been a long time in the works. We've been fortunate to develop our extensive and knowledgeable alpha and beta communities, and now very excited that the official release is out and available to everyone.

We're also very excited about the new web site! Aside from being better looking than our last site, it has a lot of great new content including:

  • 10 customer stories about how organizations are getting started using Sustainable Minds
  • 4 videos: 1 demo, 2 workshop segments and 1 customer story
  • Guidance on when and how to use Sustainable Minds in the design process... and more

Most importantly, you can now sign up for a free 30-day trial account, and purchase subscriptions with a credit card online!

Read the press releases:
Sustainable Minds Introduces First Web-based, On-demand Life Cycle Assessment Software for Greener Product Design

Sustainable Minds Release 1.0 Offers Product Life Cycle Assessment for Autodesk Inventor Users

As the new web site says, we've brought together 3 components into one system. We've made a lot of improvements to the LCA software from beta to R1 - more impact factors, updated methodology and general performance improvement. The Learning Center is a tremendous new resource for learning about ecodesign strategies, how to conduct an SM LCA and much more; and the SM community is key for sharing questions and ideas.


We have 2 workshops coming up
November 5, San Francisco
November 11, Cambridge, MA

Mastering Environmental Impact in the Design Process: This workshop lays the foundation for the knowledge required to design greener products using a whole product systems and life cycle approach and using LCA to measure the impacts. Since April, we've held a number of workshops in Cambridge, MA, NYC and San Francisco. They're fun and people leave with the ability to take action in their organizations. Register now!

Give us your feedback on the new web site and release 1.0. Sustainable Minds' mission is to bring environmental sustainability to mainstream product design. We've worked hard to bring release 1.0 to market and look forward to getting your feedback.