"Sustainable Minds is leading the way in helping product designers understand and apply environmentally sustainable practices throughout product design processes. This system is helping us achieve our mission to generate thoughtful product solutions that are not only engaging and beautiful, but just as importantly, consider their overall environmental impact in a meaningful way. Sustainable Minds is an indispensable tool that allows our design teams access to more valid and concrete information for critical decision making early in the design process."
Jeff Salazar
Design Director, Lunar

In the early stages of product development, there are often many drastically different concept directions that exist merely as sketches or basic CAD representations. One of the primary challenges of these early stages has been the inability to perform simple on-the-fly life cycle assessments when the product is in its infancy and there are a lot of details that have yet to emerge. Sustainable Minds provides LUNAR with the tools to do just that in a user friendly, very collaborative form. It helps us make sustainable early stage decisions without feeling restrained from quickly exploring new aesthetic and functional design options, and without using the time and budget that a final, fully-detailed LCA requires. While Sustainable Minds is not intended to be a replacement for a thorough LCA of the detailed product, it is a great decision making tool, and one that designers desperately need.