"As MOTO has evolved our strategic materials and supply chain, we have found life cycle analysis can be very complex and nuanced. It is easy to make mistakes, omit critical data and end up comparing apples to oranges. Sustainable Minds directly addresses these issues by focusing on apples to apples comparisons and providing an interface that is optimized for the design process. SM is a key tool for us."
J. Daniell Hebert

In the early phases of our product development process, MOTO often evaluates design concepts based on criteria such as performance, risk, manufacturability and cost. In response to increasing client interest for sustainable product design, MOTO is using Sustainable Minds LCA software in several ways:

1) To evaluate and compare the environmental impact of designs during the early concept development and review phases. Life cycle factors such as material choice, processing technology, secondary operations, potential suppliers and power consumption are often being directly or indirectly determined at this point. We want to consider the LCA data to help us, and our clients, understand potential technical and commercial benefits and tradeoffs to enable more informed product decisions.

2) To expand our capabilities in the area of product teardown & benchmarking studies, where existing products are disassembled for evaluation. Using SM’s software we can now make educated estimations of a product’s ‘eco-impact’ and identify opportunities for improvement.